A lesson in real estate lingo

A lesson in real estate lingo

The "Cream Puff"


Every community has them: people who are slaves to their homes. 

Whether it’s a new deck, driveway or roof, every project is an exercise in perfectionism. These people have a pride of ownership -- a compulsion to make sure that there’s never anything out of place. Homes under this type of care are known in the real estate industry as “cream puffs”. 

These properties typically also have loads of charm or exceptional design. This doesn't mean that they're a high price, per se. It could be a 1,200 sq. ft, early 1900’s Craftsman in Ravenna, or a Modern 6,000 sq. ft. home in Medina. A cream puff not designated by price or by size but by immaculate appearance and overall appeal. 

To a home purchaser, a cream puff can be an outstanding value. While such homes typically sell at the upper end of the neighborhood price range, they’re often more than worth the price because of their excellent condition and valuable upgrades. 

When you’re buying a cream puff, you have to expect to pay top dollar. It’s like buying a car from a guy who always nurtured it, who took it for repair every time he heard a flutter in the engine and kept it polished up all the time. 

Even in a buyer’s market with lots of inventory, you can expect to compete for a property owned by a perfectionist. Buyers: reach out to me for strategy on landing your cream puff.

Sellers: allow me to help you achieve this status — this is an area where I love to help my clients. Compass Concierge can help! 

- Amber